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3 versions of UHU-Linux available

UHU-Linux is the leading distribution of Linux in Hungary. It is primarily intended for Hungarian users, thus special care is taken to support the Hungarian language as much as possible. Ease of installation and sane default settings both help new users of Linux and make veterans feel comfortable. Usability as the main goal involves having all the cutting-edge yet stable releases of Open Source packages, with dpkg as the package manager. Development is completely open and everyone is invited to join.

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UHU-Linux 3 Review UHU-Linux 3 2 isos in 1 groups
UHU-Linux 2.2 Review UHU-Linux 2.2 2 isos in 1 groups
UHU-Linux 1.1 Review UHU-Linux 1.1 2 isos in 1 groups

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