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Navyn OS is a gnu/linux distribution based on Gentoo. Gentoo isn't a typical distribution like Debian or Slackware, it doesn't even have an installer, it is similar to making your own distribution. The main part of Gentoo is portage, a set of scripts for installing and removing programs. You can install programs easily by typing the command emerge program_name or use user friendly program with GUI porthole. In portage there are thousands of programs. There are also dependencies between programs so the command emerge will install programs AND all needed dependencies. The command emerge downloads the program from the network, unpacks, compiles and installs it. Installing programs is very easy using emerge. The actual installation of gentoo is very difficult, the instruction manual is very long and it is too hard for inexperienced users. Navyn OS is the completed system build from Gentoo. It is also a live-cd so you can boot and run it from the cdrom drive. Since version 2004.07 there is a user friendly installer on the cdrom, and with only a few mouse clicks you can install the system onto your hard drive. The distribution is compiled for 686 cpu (pentium2) so it is more powerfull than most common distributions which are compiled for 386/486. The heart of Navyn OS is kernel and I tried to put the newest versions of software on the cdrom. There is for example xorg 6.7.0, mplayer 1.0, and gimp2.0. Fluxbox is the default window manager, because it is very fast and comfortable, the memory requirements are minimal in contrast to such slow and bloated window managers like KDE or GNOME. The system was also designed to be easy for iso customizing, so you can add programs to the cdrom image using special scripts. While the system is booting it configures all your hardware ( especially network cards and sound cards ), and all the programs have small hardware requirements. On the cd there are complete library headers so it is great for compiling programs. I tried to include many programs connected with security and network. There are for example sniffers like dsniff, tcpdumpm and also port scanners: nmap, nessus. This distribution is made by me: Mateusz Dworak aka compbatant.

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Navyn OS 2004.08r2 Review Navyn OS 2004.08r2 2 isos in 2 groups

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