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Information about Absolute Linux 15.0

Absolute is a lightweight Slackware Linux derivative distribution that uses an Icewm, ROX-Filer window/file manager combination.

Paul Sherman has announced the release of Absolute Linux 15.0, the new stable release of the projects desktop-oriented distribution designed for home use and based on Slackware Linux, but with a number of interesting modifications. It features the lightweight IceWM window manager with a custom control centre, adds the latest LibreOffice, updates the Firefox browser to the latest stable version and includes other popular applications such as Google Chrome or Google Earth. Unlike Slackware, Absolute Linux is developed for 64-bit processors only. "Absolute Linux 15.0 released. Six years from 14.2, version 15 of Slackware arrived a couple days ago. Still rock-solid. Still without systemd. Still crazy after all these years. Im giddy. I still love the approach Slackware takes toward a solid, bare-bones system. I like to dress it up just enough to make it quickly productive and up-to-date for myself. I will keep the rolling update going with the roughly monthly snapshots; the next release of Slackware might be a while.

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Supported Architectures: 686, AMD x86-64
Related Topics: Desktop

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ISO 1absolute-15.0.iso
United States
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Absolute is a lightweight Slackware Linux derivative distribution that uses an Icewm, ROX-Filer window/file manager combination.

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